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Platinum challenge 2018 with SPG linked

Question asked by robbouldermarriott on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2018 by tommy_gunn



I have 3 questions:



I am an SPG Platinum and last year, did the merge/match. So now I am a Platinum Elite with -0- pts on Marriott.  I am also a Globalist at Hyatt.  I never have stayed at Marriotts (thus far).  Can I qualify for the challenge this year soon as my Platinum Elite Marriott status expires (even though my SPG is merged and I did a challenge for SPG in 2017?



Can you also confirm the latest I can enroll in the challenge this year?



Is it 9 stays for Platinum?  Can you review the 2018 stays within 90 days of enrollment?


Thank you