Marriott Changed Rollover Night Policy for Platinum as well as night credits for Marriott Rewards Visa

Discussion created by camoduck on Feb 1, 2018
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I am very dismayed by the lack of transparency with regard to Rollover Nights and Marriott Rewards Visa Night Credits.  I just spoke to a rather smug person at the Platinum Rewards Desk who said the Program has not changed yet I have not received a single rollover credit or an credits for $33k in spend on My Marriott Rewards Visa.   In 2017, I received credits for both.  Something most certainly has changed.  Marriott does not send out a yearly statement like SPG so it is very hard to go back and review previous years. 


This is the stated Rewards Visa Program:



15 CREDITS toward your next Elite membership level after account approval and every year after account anniversary, giving you guaranteed Silver Elite status every year.*

Earn 1 ELITE CREDIT for every $3,000 spent on purchases – with no limit to the number of credits you can earn.*


I recall someone posting that Marriott was going to change this policy several month ago but do not remember where.  In addition to having 91 night credits with Marriott in 2017, I also had 47 SPG nights.  The SPG program does not appear to have changed.   I am revisiting where my hotel budget will go for 2018 and at this point, I suspect Marriott will not make the cut.