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RewardsPlus Status Not Showing

Question asked by seth1 on Jan 30, 2018
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Maybe this is a question for the communitymanagers, but I am new to Marriott. I was elite status with a different chain for years but decided to make the switch to Marriott this year, in part because of RewardsPlus and the fact that my United Gold status would translate to Marriott Gold Elite and I would not have to start completely over.


I headed over to United's RewardsPlus site and signed up (I believe on January 4th, 2018) and linked my two accounts. However, I have yet to see my status upgrade on Marriott. The FAQs state that it takes 7-10 business days but it's now been 17 business days and no change. If I go back to the signup site and go through the sign up process, it simply tells me I am already signed up and verified.


I have a trip coming up soon and I would like to take advantage of my Gold status, thoughts?