3 Days in Rome

Discussion created by msannmcd on Jan 30, 2018
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Hello Insiders!


It's 2018 and only a few months before our long planned trip to Italy. We are meeting up with the 2 other couples we are travelling with this evening to do some pre-planning and determine what tickets we need to purchase in advance. That said, I had hoped to spend one of the 2 full days we had going to Ostia Antica. I'm just wondering if I try to squeeze in both the Colosseum and the Vatican/Sistine Chapel into one day and Ostia Antica into the next day if it might be too much. Also, Ostia Antica means spending roughly 2 hours on a train. Should I just forego it and spend one day in Vatican City and the Museums/St Peter's and the other at the Colosseum/Forum/Palantine Hill?


The day we arrive we will likely just explore the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and perhaps the Borghese Gardens since they are across the street from the hotel. I don't want any prepaid tickets in case there are any travel delays. That said, is a bus tour worth doing? I thought maybe if we are tired then doing a bus tour might be an option.


Granted, I have been to Rome before and been inside St Peter's, viewed the major sights, done a bus tour, but my dear husband has not and he's the one who is half Italian. I'm sure a lot has changed since 1986!


Thanks in advance to all who have been before and are willing to offer suggestions and recommendations.


Grazie mille!