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Is modern "better"?


Did you notice that a lot of renovated hotel (and design show) looks are modern but cold?


Lighting is harsh, no art on the walls, minimalism as an excuse for cheap materials or pandering to "millennials" and a low rent Apple store/IKEA aesthetic. Or worse, pandering to the Etsy whimsy thing with pieces of bark framing b/w stock photos of craft making on the walls in your room (sofitel sydney)


Even the new brands are pandering to "millennials". But this is probably because names like Fairfield and Embassy are  too 90s parental or country to be "interesting" enough to those who don't want to drive "their fathers oldsmobile".


I think my favorite looks have patterns and textures in wallpapers and carpets, high end faucets and lighting, materials that aren't cheap but without all the expensive frills and prices of full service hotels.


For this reason I'm enamored with the handicapped (full window rooms) of Ibis Adelaide, Ibis Styles Brisbane. And for semi-traditional elegance I'm most impressed with the now 10 years old look of Grand Hyatt Melbourne. And for the sleeper - Towne Place Suites Vernal Utah. (corner suite)


All are thoughtful enough to provide interestingness, warm enough to not say "go away, we're studying", detailed enough to say "I care about you".


Size isn't everything.