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2018 Spring MegaBonus Question (consecutive nights)

Question asked by ron_danforth on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by bejacob

With the Spring MegaBonus, you will get 2000 points starting with your second stay (extra 1000 on weekends).  My question is, if I stay for consecutive nights, will I earn the points for both nights?  Or would I be better off to book two back to back nights and earn the bonus for each night?  I was just curious how the points would work for those that stay 2, 3, or more nights in a row.  I would think that if you book 5 nights but only earned the 2000 points, you would be better off to book each night individually (besides the hassle of possibly having to change rooms if you book individually).  I appreciate the thoughts or info on this.