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Any possible way to reinstate my expired marriott points?

Question asked by lavelle.joanne on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by lleelani

Hi All


I have been collating my points for a few years now, I’ve used a few and saved a few. When I opened the account, I was advised my points wouldn’t expire, so I didn’t rush to use them. I put trust in what the Marriott staff advised and didn’t read any mail I received in detail, as I receive a large volume of promotion emails. I don’t recall seeing a mail re points expiring or policy change.


I have popped online today, to book at stay for my mums birthday, to work out if I needed to purchase more points and realised I have a message to advise the points have expired.


I have completed a google search online and Ive seen alot of people have had there points reinstated after contacting Marriott.


Can you give me more more info on what I can do best in this situation?


Thanks in advance for your help