How Committed is Marriott to the Environment

Discussion created by phctourist on Jan 22, 2018
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Am I alone in believing that Marriott (along with most of its competitors in the hospitality industry) is not doing its share for the environment?


In every Marriott hotel room I find an appeal to help the environment by reusing towels.  I feel that these requests are actually insincere for obvious reasons.  If they want me to reuse towels, why don't they provide towel racks where the towel can dry?   When there used to be more towel racks in every bath I used to reuse towels for a few days, when on an extended stay.  Now, that is not possible because the towels won't dry when they are piled up rather than hanging.  About 15 or twenty years ago the entire hotel industry started replacing some of their towel racks in the bathroom with pictures that were somehow supposed to enhance the appearance of the bath.


While on the subject of the environment, why doesn't Marriott provide recycle baskets in our rooms, in addition to trash bins?