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Sick While Traveling

Question asked by uatraveler1k on Jan 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by betterdays

Unfortunately, I encountered every traveler's worst nightmare last week.  I got sick while enroute to Singapore.  I think I had the flu and actually began mid-flight of my 17 hour 20 min segment.  I took the following steps:


* Stayed in bed for 12-18 hours while drinking hoards of water (thank goodness for free bottled water at the #JWMarriott).  Also religiously drank on the plane.

* Room Service for (most) food needs and/or friends getting me food.

* Also took a nyquil pill on the plane because I had an emergency set.  Went to Watsons to get Cold/Flu medication and religiously took it every 6 hours. 

* Stayed away from people.


The first day (after landing) was miserable but I was functional by day two. 


I was curious at what you marriottinsiders will do while being sick to speed up recovery.