Great Service at Houston Marriott West Loop by The Galleria

Discussion created by stephenmjones108 on Jan 21, 2018
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After a series of flight mishaps, we had an extended overnight layover in Houston (01/17/18 - 01/18/18). We chose to stay at the Houston Marriott West Loop, and we were very impressed with the quality of the service. From the moment we arrived we were greeted and made to feel welcome. The front desk clerk (I forgot his name but I think it started with a K and I think he was South East Asian/Vietnamese) was exceedingly friendly and good natured without ever feeling over the top. We went to the lounge to grab some drinks and had a great conversation with the lounge attendant (white female working around 9PM). It felt more like we were in her living room than in a lounge. The next morning when on the way to grab breakfast, we ran into an African American male housekeeper  who again greeted us in only the friendliest of manners making small talk. Last year we stayed at probably 30 Marriotts and Starwood properties, and I think that the manner, disposition, and service of the staff at the Houston Marriott West Loop was the best of what we experienced.