Escalate a complaint

Discussion created by bevysue on Jan 20, 2018
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How do I escalate a complaint on a specific property?  My husband made a group reservation at Orlando World Center in May 2017 for an annual convention starting January 22, 2018, as he has done in the past for many years, and when he inquired about using rewards (we are a Silver Elite member), apparently the group reservation got bumped out. We were never told there was this glitch in your system, and now he has been told that he must pay over $700 more.   We were never informed that a rewards certificate would bump out the group rate. He has tried speaking to two supervisors who would not take responsibility for Marriott's glitch and lack of informing us at the time.  During the conversation with the last supervisor, the call got dropped and she did not call him back (even though she had his telephone number).  This is totally unacceptable.