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The government shutdown has far reaching effects: I live in a town with four major military installations, all of which are operating on no pay at the moment. In my own three decades plus in the army and as a govie, I was always considered "essential" meaning I never had to be furloughed.



Think of the far reaching domestic effects: cancelled flight plans, cancelled car rentals, cancelled hotel stays.  I was chatting with a car rental agent who told me that the Army had reserved 65 Chevy Suburban's for transporting military personnel from Monterey to Fort Hunter-Liggett, located two hours south of here in Monterey county. Now, that's not going to happen, even though some of the folks have already arrived via air.


I don't know what percentage of Marriott stays are done by military and government personnel, but it has to be substantial.  I hope we can get this resolved quickly for all our sakes.