Marriott Cancun Resort-The Good and the Not So Good

Discussion created by wildabeast on Jan 19, 2018
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We checked into the Marriott Cancun Wednesday.  The resort is beautiful, the staff is amazingly friendly, and the most refreshing part about this resort is they do not gouge you on items like bottled water, breakfast sandwiches, etc.


On the flip side, when we checked in I inquired about an upgrade.  I had booked a premium ocean view so the next category up was a suite.  There were suites available for the duration of our trip, which is 11 nights. The savvy contributors on this board told me that I likely would not get an upgrade to a suite...and they were right!  And I am okay with that because we booked a decent room.  The sad thing about this is I had to haggle at check in to get a decent room location.  They originally had us in a room on the corner, right next to the elevators and the ice machine, and furthest from the beach.  Whoever classified that room as a premium ocean view needs to have their head examined.  This resort is a U-shape, so they were essentially trying to put us in the "elbow"  facing another balcony.  Really?  So we asked to see a map to give us an idea of where the premium ocean rooms were.  There were rooms available right at the front of the hotel but we were told that would be a downgrade.  Not sure how that could be or if I believe it, but we didn't argue.  Finally settled on room 5029, which is a decent location.


Here is the rub for me- I deliberately booked a higher grade room for this trip. That, and the fact that I am platinum and spent about 20% of my nights last year sleeping in a Marriott should have warranted the front desk to automatically put me in the room location we finally settled on.  Nope I had to haggle back and forth to get a room away from the elevators and ice machines. This isn't a deal breaker for me, and it's likely a training issue for the front desk (who also forgot about my Welcome Gift).  But it is an annoyance.  I emailed Sharon , my Marriott Vacation Planner that had contacted me about a week ago welcoming me about that and a guest laundry concern...I have yet to hear back from her.  I am slowly understanding why so  many on this board are checking out other options.