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Problems with Marriott's TV Remote Controls

Question asked by nationwide on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by flexibletravels

I’ve encountered something new on my last few full-service Marriott stays.  The Enseo television remote control (for Samsung tv’s) has shown up.  It has a flat surface, with only slightly raised surfaces for buttons to control the tv. This probably makes them much easier to clean, a very good thing indeed.


That said, I’ve run into a functionality issue. The remotes only adjust the volume in increments of 4, nothing in between.

As an example, last night at the Atlanta Marriott Northwest, I tried to no avail to figure out how to adjust in smaller increments.  My dilemma was that 8 was too soft to hear with the heater on, but 12 was too loud for me (and probably the neighbor next door).


Has anyone figured out how to adjust these remotes in smaller increments?  I like to fall asleep with the tv on, however, nobody can sleep with the volume at 12.  :). Any advice or help you can offer is much appreciated.