Marriott Rewards Program

Discussion created by jamesdean on Jan 16, 2018

While we all await for the adjustments to the Marriott rewards program for 2018, let me say first off that I will not make Platinum unless a buy back is granted for 2018, which is fine I'm OK with Gold status.

My case though is that the program should be about more than just "stays". In my travels, I'm almost always staying in the upper echelon of hotels thus paying top dollar, therefore I'm spending more perhaps a lot more than one who stays in the less category hotels, to which I'm not looking down upon by any stretch. If we went by the dollars spent combined with stays I'm thinking I would spend the same amount or more for 50 stays than those who stay in the less expensive hotels but are able to rack up the stays. To level the playing field perhaps a target for status is based upon stays and or dollars spent or a combination of the two. One can stay 1 night at the RC for example and pay what would be equivalent to 2,3 or 4 nights at a Fairfield Inn.

Im wondering how other Insiders feel about having the "dollars spent" calculated into the status, rather than just a nights stayed reward system.