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My Netflix won't work in my Marriott hotel

Question asked by geekonwheelz on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by uatraveler1k

I specifically rented a Marriott hotel because they have internet tv- like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, ect.. when I checked into my room and tried using them, none of them would work. So I called down to the front desk and was told since you're only staying one night there is nothing I can do to help. She didn't ask to come up to the room to see if I was doing something incorrectly. She didn't offer to check another room to see if all the TV's we're broken. She did nothing to help! You pay to stay in a Marriott because you expect great customer service at least. Maybe there was nothing she could do to fix the tv but she didn't even try. She put zero effort into helping me basically saying tough luck. Who wants to spend that kind of money for the type of service you could get from a cheap hotel who couldn't care less about it's customers.

So then I tried calling customer service to file a complaint, or see if there was anything they could do in the future to help if I ever ran into a problem like this again. And they couldn't even tell me what extension or number I should call to make sure this wouldn't happen to anyone else.

I am just completely disappointed in Marriott's lack of customer service!