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Help, please! What to do about a reservation computer glitch?

Question asked by j&c on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by communitymanagers

It happened while I was making a series of reservations at the Autograph Collection Lexington in NYC. I reserved a AAA Promotion rate but the confirmation said AAA Non-Cancelable.


What happened. I was surprised to see reduced rates and first chose/booked the date with the lowest room rate - a Sunday night, midway through our planned 5-day visit. I went back in to book the day we would like to arrive, Thursday - we don't have airline reservations, yet - and chose/booked the AAA Promotion rate. For the next night, Friday, the AAA Promotion rate came up at $52 - obviously a computer malfunction! I selected this King rate but the new screen came up as a AAA Non-Cancelable rate. Troubling. So I checked the Thursday reservation I had just made moments before and the confirmation came through at the AAA Non-Cancelable rate. Not what I had booked. I cancelled. All within about 10 minutes. Then I called the Platinum Reservation Line to ask for their help with the computer glitch. The representative was able to confirm that the reservation was cancelled but nothing more. He transferred me to a Platinum Customer Service Representative. After explaining how the computer had malfunctioned, the Platinum Customer Service Representative offered to contact the Lexington to see if they will honor the cancellation. I repeated, for the third time, that there had been a computer malfunction - a glitch,  and that I did not - would not - reserve a non-cancelable rate. The Platinum Customer Service Reservation explained that the Non-Cancelable Room Policy is very clear. I thanked him for his help and asked him to please make a note in our file that I had booked a cancellable, AAA rate and a computer glitch had occurred during the reservation.


Has this ever happened to you? What would you do? Is there a policy for a computer glitch communitymanagers? When will it be safe to book reservations on the Marriott website again? Should all reservations be made with a phone call? C