SPG platinum vs gold

Discussion created by californian on Jan 15, 2018
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I stayed at the Sheraton Maui earlier as a gold and returned as platinum.  There is a big difference.  As platinum, I was upgraded from resort view to oceanfront and had a free breakfast.  The treatment was great.  Earlier, as a gold, I booked a resort view and was shown a room that the cars drove by and no view.  I was  told that I could be upgraded to oceanfront with breakfast at the Sheraton Club for $110 a day that I accepted since the offered room was really bad.

Marriott treats gold and platinum almost the same.  Now with the additional United people, the CL are very crowded and uncomfortable.  I guess selfish since I have lifetime platinum, I hope when they merge the 2, they stick with the treatment as SPG does.  SPG also offers a guaranteed early check in as early as 10am as well as a late checkout of 4pm.