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How can I convert AA miles to MR?

Question asked by itannen on Jan 14, 2018

Background info: I have approximately 200,000 American airlines advantage miles, which I have found to be almost completely useless. Every time I try to use them, i can't find flights that work for me. I would much rather have the points in MR, as I find MR to be much more usable. Additionally, I am working towards LTP and it would be great if I could somehow add the points to my lifetime balance.


Now, I know there is no way to directly convert AA miles to MR; however, it seems that I can convert them to Diners Club (if I had a DC account) and then from there convert them to MR. From what i could tell, there would be a 50,000 mile limit on the transfer and there would be  a $25 fee to do it, but it seems it could be done. (The only glitch being I'd have to get a DC card). 50,000 AA miles would convert to 25,000 DC points, which would convert to 30,000 MR points. So, over time (if my math is correct), my 200,000 AA miles would become 120,000 MR points (a result I'd be happy with).


Anyway, here's the question(s): Does anyone out there have any experience with indirectly converting AA miles to MR? Regardless of experience, does anyone have any advice on how to do this? Can anyone confirm that those transferred points from DC would count towards my lifetime numbers? Finally, can anyone confirm my math above regarding the conversion rates?


Much thanks to anyone who could help!!