Rewards for room blocks

Discussion created by mw104 on Jan 13, 2018
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I have tried to contact Marriott Rewards, both via regular "contact us" form and FB Messenger and have yet to receive the clarification I am looking for... hoping someone can help.


I have a group of friends who will be doing a lot of travel together this summer-- looking at several weekends of 10+ rooms for 2-3 nights at a time... easily 50+ room nights.


Since we are not hosting any "events", just booking room blocks- I'm a bit unclear on how the night credits and points work.   here's my interpretation of the group travel rewards, but if anyone could confirm, it would be appreciated.


If I book 10+ room block at "ABC" hotel for 2 nights.... and set it up where we get a group code for guests to book/pay on their own....

  • "X" points per dollar spent by guests  (any idea how many?)
  • 10 bonus elite nights for the total booking
    • plus 2 nights for our individual room


If the guests are MR members, do they get their regular points/nights credited as well?