Rewards Account Reset for 2018

Discussion created by nmballoonist on Jan 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by peripateticepiscopalian

Logging in today I noticed two things on my Marriott account.  In the past I could link to the old version or the new version.  Now it seems I only can get to the new version.  Second, the account has reset for 2018.  It now shows 1 night for 2018 due to my credit card usage.  I had 83 nights last year and was waiting for 2 nights to post from my credit card usage.  At this point there are no rollover nights posted.  So waiting for at least the 8 nights, possibly 9 to roll over.  Not sure if the other night from last year's credit card usage will show up as a rollover night or posted for this year.  As discussed in another thread When do credit card Elite Nights post? it is still not clear when credit card usage nights post.


So, like everyone else, waiting to see when my rollover nights post.


Update: Just went to my mailbox and received my Platinum level renewal letter.