Price transparency - a step in the right direction!

Discussion created by normanp on Jan 12, 2018
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This evening I've just booked a couple of trips with two low cost carriers here in Europe and discovered that the new Europe-wide regulation forbidding retailers from charging credit card surcharges  is now in place.As someone who always uses my Amex to book flights so that i get the insurance cover, this is brilliant news for me as they always charged a lot extra for Amex. I'm not naive enough to imagine that somewhere in the pricing model we are not paying the charges, but I am delighted that the price I see will be the price I pay. With this regulation in place and previous legislation preventing retailers  from displaying tax free prices we are inching towards a  truly transparent price environment helping  the consumer make a properly informed choice. Now let's get them to ban resort, amenity fees and other non-optional fees. To the barricades!