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Question regarding the mega bonus/gold challenge

Question asked by epinscm on Jan 11, 2018

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum, and somewhat new to Marriott Rewards.

I am planning a short vacation,  in Feb, and am trying to maximize the potential points, as well as completing the gold challenge on my account. But need some advice/information:


-currently on my account, i see 2 "mega bonus"promotions.

     -stay between Jan 16 and April 15, 2000 bonus points per stay starting on your second stay, 1000 bonus if it includes a weekend night

     -earn 4000 bonus points after your next two stays, and 1000 more for every stay after that. good for 2 months (so would expire in March)


I currently an doing the gold challenge, and have 2 nights of 6 (just started)


I am going on a vacation needing 5 nights. Originally i was planning on using 2 rewards certificates that are on my account. However, this is what i am not familiar with. Hoping someone can help.


If i use a rewards certificate, does it qualify under the gold challenge, or is that only for "paid"?

If i use a rewards certificate, do i earn any of the points as part of the mega bonus?

Do the mega bonus promotions stack together, as they overlap for the same amount of time. Meaning, on my 2nd stay, would i end up obtaining 6000 points?

Thank you for the help and any advice