Fumbled Marriott Voice Rollout

Discussion created by wally3433 on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by jerryl

Last week, I was curious if any Insiders were chosen to help design the new combined points program. 


The answer was an emphatic no. 


Marriott has cultivated an engaged, intelligent group of its best and most loyal customers here on Insiders.  But has not sought out ANY member for their direct insight on a combined program.


Alas, they come up with Marriott Voice.  This is no more than the obligatory olive branch to customers that most companies will set up with a consulting company.

The goal:  prove that what they are currently doing or changing is correct.  Elicit responses (or voices) that will support a pre-determined set of findings. 

This is why alot of you are being booted without a Voice - your Demo-Marriotto-Graphic must already have support and is no longer needed or valued.


A real Marriott Voice would be just that, a real voice. 


That being said.  They can't even roll out a microscopic product called "Marriott Voice" without fumbling all over the place.  Childishly slow website, underinformed users, booted users and questions abound that all of you have brought up.  


I remain skeptical of a successful, customer beneficial Marri Wood Guest Rewards.