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When do credit card Elite Nights post?

Question asked by solkua on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2018 by nmballoonist

I'm absolutely confused on the posting of elite nights from the Chase credit card. The past two statements have been higher than I normally charge but each should've qualified me for 2 Elite nights to my account each month. The points post generally a day or two after the statement closes, and then I thought the Elite credit appears a 2-3 weeks later. Low and behold today, I was credited with 1 night. I didn't understand how only 1 night would be credited based on the last two statements when each had over $6K of spend. Is it possible that the Elite nights don't work off billing statements? Why doesn't Marriott actually show when a night is credited in your account history like other stays and actually say what period it is based on? I don't understand the secrecy in the posting and calling Marriott Rewards or Chase doesn't get you a straight answer. No one seems to know and they point the other way. Has anyone figured out how this works?