Anyone else notice a huge drop in Customer Support?  Specifically in Marriott Vacation Club?

Discussion created by skyagan on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by bazzap

As an owner and a Platinum for Life member, I've been hugely supportive of Marriott.  But the lack of professionalism, follow-through and responsiveness is undermining the 20+ years of happiness.  I am now attempting to sell my week back to Marriott (ie give it away), and for over a month I have been unable to connect with someone to pay my Phuket maintenance fees for 2018.  You may wonder why I don't do it online - well, Phuket doesn't allow for it.  Every year, I have to go through the hopper of getting someone in the US to take the credit card and process it in Ireland.  (Customer Experience anyone?!)  This year, I've "chatted" - which continues to time out before I'm at the top of the pile.  I've called and have both waited on hold forever (timed out and got hung up on) and used the "call back" function - never gotten a return call - going on since prior to Christmas.  I've even called the platinum line at Marriott and they couldn't get anyone to pick up the phone - sat on hold for over 40 minutes.  Seriously?  Bought the Platinum week for 30K, Marriott is buying it back for $3500 and this is the service you get.  Well - you've convinced me never to do business with MVC again!  Seriously rethinking my stance on Marriott if they don't get their house in order.