Email on Account Transaction

Discussion created by nmballoonist on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by thecore

This is the second time in three weeks I got the following message


Subject: Your Temporary Code Request

Date: Jan 1 2018 8:29 PM

From: online.account@marriott.com



You recently requested a temporary code in order to complete an Account transaction. To authorize and proceed with your transaction, please enter the following code on your screen: ******. If you have not requested this email, please contact Guest Services at (801) 468-4000.Note: This email address does not accept replies.


I had not taken any actions that I know of that would fall under account transaction.  After the first notice I called the Rewards help number and the rep could not see any unauthorized activity.  The help with security they gave me a pin number that needs to be used to do any account transactions.  I sent this same info to the Rewards help address to ask them to investigate.  Given the issues with Marriott IT, I don't know if this is a system glitch or someone trying to hack my rewards account.  Another interesting thing is that the date shows as Jan 1, 2018 but it just came up on my email tonight.


Just putting this out to the MRI community so people know to keep an eye out for suspicious activity on their accounts.  I would also appreciate if the community managers can look into this also.