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Member breakfast benefits

Question asked by cowboylane1 on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by pey

i am lifetime Playinum elite.  Stayed at the Tulsa Southern Hills last night with a paid room and a points Room.   When we went down for breakfast in the restaurant they said we only got one buffet for free.  (We have always received 2 per Room in every other hotel we have stayed at, no questions asked).   The rules clearly state for member and guest so should have been at least 2 buffet.   On top of it,  they were rude to my wife and daughter.  This is unacceptable and not surprising from this hotel.  Don’t think I will stay here again. 

Am I wrong on the benefit?  Shouldn’t we get 2 buffet per Room? Or at least the stated 2 buffers for member and guest?