Marriott ending the SPG elite thank you program! :(

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Here's some background information for Marriott members who are not familiar with SPG's elite thank you program:


What is an Elite Thank You certificate?

It’s a certificate that an elite member can use to recognize a Starwood associate who provided outstanding service.

How do I get Elite Thank You certificates?
Please visit to download and print your certificates.

Who is eligible to receive an Elite Thank You?
All Starwood associates in Customer Contact Centers or hotels that participate in the Starwood Preferred Guest® program are eligible, including but not limited to associates at the front desk, reservations line, concierge desk, bellhop service, restaurants, housekeeping, fitness centers, business centers and so forth. To give a certificate over the phone, just tell the associate you’d like to give him or her an Elite Thank You, then provide the unique code on the certificate

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Pretty much they can be given to any employee who work directly for Starwood, I mostly handed these out to front desk agents and via social media(see below)

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However the Starwood's Elite Thank You program will end on December 31, 2017. So once again thanks Marriott for changing SPG This was one of my favorite ways to recognize hotel employees who went above and beyond. Guess it's back to saying thank you to these team members via US Treasury notes with the face of a dead President on them. lol

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