Farewell from the Top of the Community Leaderboard!

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Farewell from the Top of the Community Leaderboard!


2017 was my year on the Insiders Leaderboard!  It started as a quest to sit atop the board at the end of a single month.  It ended with a quest to sit atop the board for the entire year!  On 12/31/2017, I declared mission accomplished!  Spike the football! I'm done!


Thanks to our full names, and not screen names, now showing while we are logged in, and me of course being unwilling to log out, this is the last snapshot I took while logged out.  The actual update at the end of day on 12/31/17 was 6,805 points for the year compared to bpelican's 6,000 and painedplatinum's 5,317.  I ended December with 559, with anadyr at 509 and bpelican at 489.




Along the way, I managed to log-in to Insiders every single day of 2017!  It took discipline, yet, I am somehow ashamed I spent so much time on the site.  Every single day - I got my likes in.  I got my follows in.  I provided lots of status updates.  I contributed to any thread in which I was remotely interested, and I marked those helpful which I genuinely felt added value to the community.  I posted my own threads and property reviews on those worthy hotels I visited.  I tried to help newcomers and provided insights to those looking for answers.  I hit Time Traveler along the way, and in the end, it all added up to a whole lot of points!  Weird quest?  Maybe.  Lots of fun?  You bet!


Many thanks go out to bpelican, painedplatinum, bejacob, iahflyr and erc!!!  Each of them was instrumental in providing me tips and/or competitive gamified inspiration along the way.  It was a busy year and I really did enjoy it.  The dialogue and repartee exchange was a blast!  I’ll still be around, just not every day, but can’t wait to see my friends at Double Tipple!  I am passing the points torch to the worthy Insider who cares to grab it!  Good luck in 2018 and enjoy!!!


Safe travels all!