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Needle in our Room

Question asked by lizweddings10 on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by communitymanagers

Would like to discuss in detail an incident we had while staying at a Springhill Suites in Anabeim, CA. Upon checking in our daughter stepped on and stabbed herself with a needle close to the room’s bunk bed. She was screaming in pain as we tried to figure out what was wrong and finally pulled out the needle. We immediately contacted management to discuss the issue which took the needle and brought a first aid kit for our daughter. Long story short the manager acknowledged that the room did not look like it had been properly vacuumed as there were crumbs on carpet and well a needle that would have been picked up had the room been vacuumed. We did not return to Disney that day. The hotel manager was contacted and it seemed he was going to handle things. He emailed me to appolagize and notify me that the first night and three days of parking would be refunded. He also said a Mickey care package would go out for my daughter and none of it has happened. I sent a follow up email last week that has not been responded to. The incident was over 3 weeks ago. I’m not happy at the lack of follow through by the manager. Anyone else at corporate that can assist with this?