The Marriott Ever Changing Site

Discussion created by iahflyr on Jan 2, 2018
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Do any of you keep track of how many times a day when you sign into your account (presuming you sign in and out a few times a day once in a while) that you are presented with a different version of Marriott's updated or old site?  If you not give it a try!!


Well today as I've avoided being outside in the cold, I've signed in on three different occasions and each time the site has bounced from the old site to the new and now again back to the old site.  I'm sure there are valid reasons for this (oh yep, that's it) constantly happening, it just gets more amusing every day that Marriott is not able to decided what it wants to do with their site.  I am not able to think of any other web site that acts like this so it has to be something in the famed Marriott IT Departments morning meeting to pick what site we'll see and then keep changing it.


Gosh how I wish it was sunny and warm so I'd be out on the golf course rather than sampling this type of thing!