Las Vegas Excursion Recommendations - Avoiding Overpaying/Rip Offs

Discussion created by psikkotik on Jan 2, 2018
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Hello all,


Just planned a trip to Las Vegas in late March and wanted to do some tours of the Grand Canyon among other great sites.  I've used different sites like Travel Advisor and others, but have received some feedback regarding people buying vouchers and them ending up being fake and not affiliated with the travel company. 


Would love your feedback on:


1) Which tour/travel companies have you used that are reliable?

2) South Rim or West Rim tour for Grand Canyon?  -- We will be staying for 3 days, but didn't know if the extended south rim travel/tour is worth it?

3) Other non-party touristy things to do in Las Vegas?


As always, love the feedback that the Marriott Insider community provides as I plan for a fun family trip this Spring.