What to do?  Pull out sofa has no mattress!

Discussion created by nationwide on Jan 1, 2018
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A1BC5454-80E9-4660-AC29-0B855B916FD6.jpegI am in a brand new Towne Place Suites in Lake Charles, LA in a prepaid 1 BR Suite.  We‘ve just turned in from an afternoon at the casinos, and are getting ready to call it a New Year.  I go to help my son pull out the sofa bed and it’s a train wreck!  It literally falls apart as we pull it out!  Then, we realize, there is no mattress in this thing!  You’ve got to be kidding me!  I call the front desk, and she tells me she doesn’t know what to do.  She will call her manager, but has no room to move me to because she is sold out....  oh boy!2846BE5B-712E-492C-AF19-3092BF378422.jpegD90A0E68-A08D-4889-8224-E2493275C4CC.jpeg


FD called me back - sending up a rollaway bed and linens... thank goodness.  Good recovery...  You gotta be kidding me though.  No mattress?!!!  Who did the quality control check on this room?’  It’s literally falling apart!


The rollaway has been delivered - I have asked her (Great FD Associate delivered the rolloaway herself) to talk to her manager for a remedy.  This just shouldn’t have happened.


Stay tuned!