Old Dog....New Tricks

Discussion created by normanp on Dec 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by brianandlin

As an SPG loyalist I've often complained, both on this forum and others, about the poor implementation of "Senior" rates at Starwood properties. So, for the last few months I have not even tried to use Senior as a search term when looking for a rate. I was browsing some old threads and came across erc reminding us that Marriott has a meaningful "Senior Rate". So, as I was booking a couple of nights in London at the Heathrow properties for use en route to the Wales - Italy rugby international in March, I thought I would try searching for a senior rate. Imagine my surprise when I was offered a rate £10 per night lower than the lowest prepaid rate. Not only that, but the Senior Rate is flexible. So I have 2 nights at the Sheraton Heathrow for 2 for the inclusive total of £121.30. Not sure if the sudden availability of senior rates is anything to do with the merger, but either way, its made me happy.