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How can I complain about a Marriott property in Thailand

Question asked by ahdi1 on Dec 30, 2017
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I really had the worst experience at Marriott Merlin Beach- Phuket property with my family it’s suppose to be there New Year Gift it ended up as there new year Hell. 


1- First we requested a car pick up which wasn't available as requested. 


2- Second thing we wanted to reserve for the new year party dinner at the hotel “Unavailable “it looks like we are going to end up new year in our room ordering pizza from room service.  “ I won’t be despointed if we couldn’t order anything”


3- Third thing the room is so small we requested an upgrade “ unavailable”


4- We requested a hotel car to take us to the evening show “unavailable”


5- We requested a hotel car to pick us up after dinner “unavailable”


6- I have to ask for everything nothing is given.


7- I requested to check out to go to another property “impossible” they told we can’t



I’m really stuck with this property I don’t know what to do. Remember our day 1 at the hotel I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  But seriously worst experience ever.