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Given keys to occupied room

Question asked by panditalinda on Dec 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2017 by iahflyr

Hi, I am newer to Marriott (since August) and have just attained gold status(yay!!) I have only had pretty good experiences over all with Marriott but the last two big hotels I have stayed at have been so disappointing.  The hotel I am currently at gave me keys to an occupied room!  Embarrassing for me and my daughter and for they guy who was in there. Then I had to wait to get another room and was told my luggage would follow me  it took a long time for my luggage to come up. When I called about my luggage taking so long the front desk said we just got the call for the luggage cart for your room and the room next to you. When my stuff arrived my toiletries bag was open and my shampoo was in another bag (could have been a complete honest accident if the zipper slipped but they should have told me now do I trust my tooth brushes are clean?) I have made a couple of requests through the mobile app requesting a dog friendly room/floor and enough towels for each of my family members to have one and had to ask a few times. I was offered  my pet fee waived For the room key debacle and I gladly accepted