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Companion Status for Lifetime Members

Question asked by arizonatag on Dec 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2018 by crobinson120266

I am very fortunate to qualify for Lifetime Platinum benefits a little over a year ago having amassed almost 2000 nights with Marriott in the past 15 years. As you would suspect, I also qualify for Airline and Rental Car status with prominent industry leaders because of my travel history. For example, United Airlines offers "companion status" for their million-mile travels that earn a lifetime status reward reward of Premier Gold, Platinum, 1K or Global Services. This member status can be shared with a companion that the lifetime member designates.

As Marriott is in the midst of merging their rewards program with SPG and The Ritz, I would like to suggest that now would be the perfect time for Marriott to add a companion status feature for Lifetime Marriott Rewards members to share their status with their designated companion similar to United's Lifetime Premier status for their million-mile travelers. Like United (which by the way Marriott has partnered rewards with), lifetime status sharing would have exclusions/inclusions to prevent fraud.

Hey Marriott, how about Companion Status sharing for Lifetime Rewards?