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Discussion created by fschumpert on Dec 28, 2017
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There's an article in today's WSJ's "Opinion" section, "Google-Hotel Travelopy", giving attention to the shifting means by which travelers like we "Insiders" choose places to stay away from home. The editorial writer says, "60% of travelers begin trip-planning on Google.....whose travel business is worth an estimated $100 billion and will generate $14 billion in revenue this year.....", and that OTA's (on-line-travel agencies) and Airbnb and other home rental sites are eating into hotel profits while hotel chains strive to direct travelers to their home sites to avoid paying OTA's a commission.


When I was traveling more frequently in the past I used a travel agency, but with hotel reward programs, I began booking directly with hotels such as Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn (Hilton),  Westin, Best Western and Marriott, but in more recent years have been loyal to Marriott, which has since rewarded me with Lifetime Platinum status.


This is not a new topic for "Insiders", but I was wondering what is your preference in hotel bookings - brand loyalty to achieve reward points and respective benefits, or what some believe to be more competitive rates via OTA's, or perhaps foregoing hotel services by staying in someone's home (Airbnb)?