Very Tiny Mini Insider Meet Up

Discussion created by iahflyr on Dec 27, 2017
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As luck would have it another Insider lives near and after all of his travels and work (what's that) nationwide and I finally got together again for some holiday cheer yesterday afternoon.  We discussed a wide variety of topics and of course a few Insider names crept (any guesses who might have been on that list??? ) up during the few hours we spent enjoying the weather of The Woodlands.


We learned a few things also while tasting some fine beverages (not quite a famous erc happy hour(s) but close) during the mid afternoon:


  • One has to have good sized ones to show off these Mona Lisa lovlies (nicely done nationwide)


  • The art of lighting a fire pit without any propane in the tank
  • The art of watching explaining how to replace the empty propane tank with a full propane tank
  • The art of fist pumping in the hand that isn't holding the cigar or you most likely need a new cigar
  • Meeting a new friend Lincoln who seemed to enjoy his Goose as much as we were the Glenmorangie
  • A golfer actually can hit beautiful golf shots in 48 degrees Fahrenheit temps without gloves and be about 7 years old
  • Same 7 year old golfer was also hitting in a very misty damp windy day and they went straight
  • Tyler turned out to be a very cool lad once the propane tank issue was solved and kept the glasses full
  • Double TIPPLE is coming soon so best be buying airline tickets
  • AND UBER will take you back to the scene of the crime when you have left your wallet on the patio


A great day was had and the Wives even knew we had some catching up to do as neither of them called to check on our whereabouts even well after dark had set in so thank you Mrs. Nationwide and Mrs. IAHFLYR!!


Until the next tiny mini meet up or the next mini meet up or the Double TIPPLE.....Happy New Year!!


P.S. Almost forgot, when Wife and Hubby cannot decide where to go between the holidays, beach or snow just head to Lake Charles.