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Discussion created by besseta on Dec 27, 2017
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Some suggestions for Marriott:


1. Marriott front desk staff knows who has elite status. Customers should not have to ask for the benefits associated with elite status. Staff should be proactive: "You are eligible for x, y, z. Do you have an interest in any of these?" It's not difficult.

2. Marriott should provide an additional comment space for members in the profile/preferences space. Things like easy accessibility to building entrance/exit, housekeeping waiver for 250 points, and courtyard access could be added in such a space.

3. Web site instructions on how elite members access the Internet benefit without cost are poor, even confusing or misleading. The site should be organized and explained more clearly so navigation is easy. More generally, while I know the Marriott site has been under construction, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the site needs a few more professional hands.

4. Members are likely to change social media accounts over time. It seems that Marriott can not yet enable members who have made such changes to revise or restructure social media linkages. This should change so that Marriott, members, or both are able to revise account linkages over time.