Feeling welcomed and honored?

Discussion created by anadyr on Dec 27, 2017
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welcome.jpgDo you feel welcomed and honored as a frequent guest when checking in at a Marriott property?


I used to, and since making LTP eight years ago, I have found that there's only a perfunctory welcome given, a rehearsed and sometimes less than sincere recognition, and a quick handover of key cards. Delta Hotels, on the other hand, have kept the tradition alive.


In other places, airlines and car rental counters, I have been welcomed with a great deal of sincerity. Alaska and Virgin America are great at this. National car rental cannot do enough to make my rentals special.


In the end, it rarely matters; I live with the response that I get at most Marriott's.  It has to be a training issue, but with turnover, it rarely seems to stick.  In days of yore, my name was listed as guest of the day when, as a PP, I arrived at a hotel I frequented. No more.


Not complaining, just commenting on the way it is, and the way it was.