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SPG Go Green

Question asked by generalharlandsanders on Dec 26, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2017 by generalharlandsanders

A slew of questions for the SPG aficionados.

1. Who is responsible for posting the Go Green points? The hotel or SPG?

2. After a stay where you opted in for Go Green, did your Go Green points post at the same time as your hotel stay points? Or did the Go Green points come later. If later, how much later?

3. Can a SPG hotel put your GoGreen points on immediately after you inform them the Go Green points for a previous stay hasn’t posted? Can SPG put the Go Green points on immediately after informing them you didn’t receive them?


I ask these questions because I keep getting the run around from both SPG and the hotels. I’ve never received the Go Green points along with my hotel stay points. Futhermore, I’ve never received the Go Green points without having to complain numerous times.  Let me know what your Go Green experience has been.


FYI: I opt in online when Go Green is available, I inform the desk clerk upon check in I want to opt in, and I tape, yes tape the Go Green door tag on the door, yet no points.