Beat the Chimp week 7- for all the Marbles

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You can put your college, NFL football, and British football predictions to the test every single week with the new Beat the Chimp contest. All are welcome to play.

It's you versus me in 8 games involving 4 college football bowl games, 2 NFL games, a British Football game, and this week and this week only, a Australian Professional Cricket match. This weeks games are played from Friday 29th through Monday January 1st.

***Week 7 concludes the regular Beat the Chimp contest, although there will be a few special NFL playoff editions, a winner will be crowned based on contest wins (not cumulative wins). Currently The Chimp, erc, and brightlybob each have 2 contest wins. Week 7 will decide the winner, but everyone is welcome to play***

For bragging rights only.

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This weeks schedule: My picks in bold

College Football Bowl Games

* Cotton Bowl (Friday) 8 USC vs 5 Ohio State U

* Fiesta Bowl (Saturday) 11 Washington vs 9 The Pennsylvania State University

* Rose Bowl (Monday) 3 Georgia vs 2 Oklahoma

* Sugar Bowl (Monday) 4 Alabama vs 1 Clemson


* Washington Redskins (Kirt Cousins last game as a Redskin?) at N.Y. Midgets

* Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons  (previous years losing Super Bowl team jinx keeps Falcons out of playoffs)

British Football

* Newcastle vs Brighton (Saturday)

Australian Professional Cricket (Big Bash League)

* Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney Thunder (Saturday)

Tie Breaker: Total number of shots on goal between the NHL New Jersey Devils at the Washington Capitals (Saturday). My guess 66. If Week 7 is won by someone other than The Chimp, Erc, or BBob, the overall Beat The Chimp winner will be chosen by an additional tie breaker (sort of the tie breakers tie breaker) which is the total points scored for the Redskins/Giants game. My guess 41

Note. All entries must be posted by Friday December 29th 11am P.S.T.

Edit: Overall Beat the Chimp WINNER receives the highly coveted official Beat The Chimp t-shirt.

Edit: Week 7 winner wins the overpriced mini bar Coke.


Can you Beat The Chimp?!  *echo echo echo*