Why are some Insiders reluctant to call MR customer service?

Discussion created by bejacob on Dec 23, 2017
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The associates staffing the Marriott Rewards customer service line at 801-468-4000 (check the app or the back of your MR card for Silver/Gold/Platinum elite phone number) are usually able to resolve the typical problems we Insiders face. Two that seem to generate the most discussion on this site are

  • Can't get signed up for the latest promotion
  • Missing points from a recent stay


They can handle a bunch of other stuff like checking your progress on a status challenge or tracking down a missing folio. Need you get the latest on your lifetime status and forgot where to find it on the website. They can get that too.


It seems  some Insiders are reluctant to pick up the phone and call (that is one of the purposes of that device most of us carry around with us ). About the only annoyance with calling the MR guest services line is trying to bypass the automated voice on the other end. "He" is okay at helping with simple stuff, but when it comes to signing up for the MegaBonus or trying get credited with the correct points from a recent stay, nothing beats taking to a real person. Here's a tip to get you right to the next available real person /message/233778?commentID=233778#comment-233778


So what should you do if you can't get signed up for the latest/upcoming promotion?

You could post a comment (or rant if that's more your style) on Insiders and hope someone will help.

You could contact the communitymanagers and hope they help

You could reach out on social media and hope for some resolution


Why hope?

Call 801-468-4000

It really does work.


There is an alternative, right erc?


It's up to you.


Testimonials /message/233778?commentID=233778#comment-233778 /message/233778?commentID=233778#comment-233952