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What is Marriott's policy on bed bug infestations?

Question asked by kevin_lott on Dec 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by communitymanagers

What is Marriott's policy on bed bug infestations? We just stayed at a Delta Hotel in Toronto, Canada and found the bed was infested with bed bugs. I called the front desk and the Executive House Keeper came over to investigate. I showed her the bed bug stains and welts on my body and then lifted up the mattress with her and caught a bed bug in a drinking glass with her.


We ended up leaving at 10am when we had a late check out time of 4pm arranged as we didn't want to stay in a bed-bug infested room any longer than needed.


So far we haven't heard from anyone from the hotel. We have a stay booked at the same hotel from the 30th of Dec 2017 till the 5th of Jan 2018 and are wondering what to do at this point? We have stayed at this hotel before and love the location and service, but we don't want to risk exposure to bed bugs again.


Can anyone clarify what Marriott's policy is on bed bug infestations? Does anyone know what type of cleaning is done when bed bugs are reported? Also does anyone know what type of Chemical cleaners are used? We have small children and are quite worried about any chemical residue that maybe present afterwards.


Thanks in advance.