So the big question is....

Discussion created by nipper on Dec 20, 2017
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How much property hopping should I do ?


My normal travel is arrive in PHL late Sunday night. 5 days at a FFI (5 day rate of $100 each night) and return on Friday.


Since the promotion is per stay (up to 26 stays) rather than per night, if I change hotels in the middle of the trip, I double my bonus.


So my thoughts are to stay by the airport Sunday night,  get up and out early (because the drive during rush hour will suck), work and check into hotel #2 for the rest of the week.  Looks like an extra $50 per week (rate moved to $110 a night).  I will try this a couple times and see how I like it.


Anyone  else changing their habits for the promotion ? Over the summer I did a couple weeks of property (and brand) hopping and added about 20K extra points.