Can we get a decent cup of hot water?

Discussion created by plzmonte on Dec 17, 2017
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Hello all.


Earlier this week, while visiting the Orlando area for a vacation near Disney, I found myself tossing out another cup of tea I had prepared for myself one morning during the breakfast service. I did this as the hot water had a hint of coffee taste to it.  Hence the flavor of my morning tea was unpleasant.


While I was doing this, I was thinking of how many times I have done this during my time traveling for business or leisure. Why is it so difficult enjoy a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate in the morning at a hotel? Something as simple as getting a cup of hot water that didn't have a hint of coffee taste at a morning breakfast service was a challenge at many of the properties I've visited. I would think a hotel chain such as Marriott would have a standard policy in regard to having a separate dispenser that is strictly used for just hot water. After all, they have so many of those dispensers so how hard could it be to dedicate one or two for hot water use only?


In the morning, guests have that routine that involves some sort of beverage for the start of their day. Whether it be orange juice, coffee, hot tea/chocolate.  It would just be nice to be able to consistently enjoy a cup of hot tea/chocolate without that coffee flavor in the morning. I would of thought it was a simple concept. But my experiences have proven otherwise. Hence why I really appreciate it when I do come across a facility that has hot water without the coffee taste.


Is it just me, or have non-coffee drinkers experience the same thing?