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How to deal with rude front desk agent?

Question asked by irenie on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by anadyr

I just checked in to SpringHill Suites at Mission Valley in San Diego yesterday, and as a gold member, believe me when I say I know all my perks and try to make the most out of them if I’m paying for a service. My first impression with the male front desk agent when I first got there on 12/17 at 9:30am was already a little off. As I approached he kind of seemed unhappy and just stared off into space, which is totally fine, but as I requested 4pm check out (which is guaranteed for gold and platinum) he told me that he can get me 3pm. I told him that gold members get 4pm check out and that it’s on the Marriott website and also I’ve ALWAYS gotten 4pm check out at all the properties I’ve stayed at since Ive been a gold member. All he kept doing during our conversation was say “my system says 3pm” and eventually he said “I’ll give you 4pm check out, but my system says 3pm.“ I understand that sometimes people have the wrong info and I never complain about issues like this, but just the whole conversation as he was speaking to me about it, he never once apologized and just sounded quite demeaning. I feel like employees at a hotel should know their facts before arguing with a customer. He definitely did try to be polite, but at the end of the day he made it seem like he was doing me a favor by giving me 4pm check out when it’s a GUARANTEED standard and he should have double checked before making me feel like he was talking down to me. For a category 7 hotel, it felt a bit disrespectful to deal with all that.


So besides that and him saying he put in 4pm check in for me, I totally got locked out of my room this morning when grabbing breakfast (super frustrated after that whole interaction with the front desk and him saying he’s going to put in 4pm check out even though he clearly didn’t). Thank goodness he wasn’t the one working when I had to go back downstairs to get a new key. This time it was a female front desk agent and she was the sweetest. I told her that the guy yesterday and I had an argument about the 3pm vs 4pm check out and she said that I was absolutely correct!!! My goodness...


Not sure how I can deal with any future issues like this? Community managers, any suggestions? I’m usually not the confrontational type to call out a manager and start complaining in front of people, but I think that after that whole argument and the check out was still set up wrong, getting locked out, etc. I just had to post something about it...