Christmas in a hotel or at work?

Discussion created by anadyr on Dec 15, 2017
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Just going back over my working life of a half century and thinking about those times I spent Christmas Eve or day at work, or sequestered in a hotel for a work adventure. I drew the short straw three years in a row with the US Army and had the duty each time.  Junior officers get that privilege, I suppose. 


Other times, I was on a project that had a strict deadline and weekends and holidays were just part of the normal schedule.  Add two more years to the three above, one of which I spent sleeping (or trying to) at my desk in a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE office chair!


Five or more holiday adventures staying at Marriott hotels of one kind or another. and the hotels were virtually empty, lounges closed, staff at minimal levels, a lonely time.


Any road warrior stories of  the holidays spent either at work or at a hotel?